Fort Rock

Fort Rock

“It was there, in front of me. Pornography is not “romantic.”

It wouldn’t go away. Pornography is not “sexy.”

It was taunting me, mocking me. Pornography is not ‘harmless.

You’re not enough it said. I cried, sobbed, wept.

You can’t compete. I was angry, disappointed, broken.

You will never be “all.” I felt hurt, lonely, confused.

This image stole from me.


This image challenged my self-worth.

This image shattered trust.

“If a man looks on a woman with lust in his heart, he has already committed Adultery.”  (Mt. 5)                                                                                                                                                                              A mind tempted by lust.
A mind desensitized by baseness.
A mind drawn toward Adultery,                                                                                                                How many steps from fantasy to reality?
How many steps from glance to passion?
How many steps from cleave to leave?”
–  from an e-mail sent to Morality In Media.

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