“Fundamentalism is a sickness that is in all religions”
–Pope Francis, to journalists, November 30, 2015

Fundamentalism at Home and Abroad
Analysis and Pastoral Responses
Gerald A. Arbuckle

For most people, fundamentalism in the modern world has become
synonymous with a radical form of Islam, but fundamentalism in
many shapes and forms is also very much present in Western
societies. Yes, fundamentalist economic, political, nationalistic,
and religious movements are aplenty in the West. Using the lens
of cultural anthropology, Gerald A. Arbuckle examines
fundamentalist attitudes and movements in this book, exploring
why they arise and how readers can constructively respond to them.

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“Fundamentalism at Home and Abroad should be a great resource
for courses in political theology, social ethics, and ecclesiology.
It addresses complex questions without becoming complicated. For
both theology classrooms and adult study groups, Fundamentalism
offers a clear and engaging analysis of those forces and events
that are shaping the political and religious climate of our time.
It moves in the same direction that Pope Francis is guiding the
hope and imagination of so many of us.”
William Reiser, SJ, Holy Cross College

“In this short but carefully argued book, veteran cultural
anthropologist Gerald Arbuckle tackles one of the major sources
of turmoil and violence in our world today–fundamentalism.
Someone once remarked, ‘The opposite of faith is not doubt,
but certitude.’ Arbuckle not only describes the cultural
contexts that generate destructive and deaf certitudes but
also proposes many practical and pastoral responses to them.”
Fr. James Lewis Heft,
Alton M. Brooks Professor of Religion,
University of Southern California